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Supports your print governance requirements for security, mobility, sustainability and cost efficiency to better meet your managed print services (MPS) program. Optimize your print environment and create print policies that reduce costs.Track and analyze by user, departments or locations and audit for security leaks to understand overall usage trends.

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Y Soft safeq Print Management Suit


  • Centralized print management reduces costs up to 30% and increases document security
  • Secure, accurate document capture and automated workflows improve productivity and reduce paper-based tasks
  • Low-cost architecture and software modules offer best value.

YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite and Print Management Suite LD offer centralized enterprise print management to reduce costs, increase document security and improve workflow productivity. With its innovative low-cost architecture, modular software approach and add-on options, YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suites provide a full range of print management and document capture solutions to meet the needs of large organizations and small-to medium sized businesses.

Modular Print Management Suite – Designed for Your Print Management Needs Today and In the Future:

No matter how big or small your organization may be, each organization has different needs for print management. Therefore, the features and functionality of YSoft SafeQ are organized in modules providing what you need today, knowing you can add additional modules as your needs change. Further, organizations can transition to other YSoft SafeQ Platform Suites and only pay for additional modules from those suites and not pay again for modules that are shared across the suites.



Benefits at a Glance


  • Protects against unauthorized users by securing access to MFD and documents
  • Documents remain secure until user authenticates via card reader, PIN, username/password or a combination
  • Reduces costs and paper waste when jobs are sent to print but are no longer needed
  • Easily assign print, copy and scan rights to users or user groups means easy IT administration

Rule-based Engine

Enforces print governance with a library of pre-defined rules for cost savings such as color to B/W, single to double-sided and send to most economical device - or create your own rules

  • Notifications inform users of cost consequences which leads to better print usage, often reduced usage
  • Notifications if the user does not comply to cost savings policies help enforce print governance

Print Roaming® / Client based print Roaming™

  • Secure printing from any MFD in the print environment without needing additional print drivers
  • Scalable to your business needs from one office to multiple continents
  • Jobs print only when user authenticates eliminating sensitive documents in output tray
  • Optionally, reduces costly servers by handling complex print tasks on client workstation

Mobile Print

  • One-click secure scanning to pre-defined Microsoft SharePoint® and Dropbox® Business / Dropbox Enterprise document libraries makes document capture and distribution easy
  • Folder browsing and file storing under user‘s identity makes file search and retrieval faster
  • Scan to email, home folder or predetermined location via scripts increases document security
  • Integration into existing business processes extends the value of your print environment


Predefined or custom management reports give fact-based data and usage audits

  • Executive and sustainability reports provide top level summarized results and sustainability information
  • CRS reports utilizing OLAP cubes and long term trend analysis help administrators manage their print fleet more efficiently

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